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Welcome to the Torry Army

The Torry Army is now in its 15th year and is still alive and kicking. It was formed by a small group of ex-pats in San Luis who wanted to support and follow the local football team. Its progression probably mirrors that of the football club it was formed to support. It started small and gradually grew and went from strength to strength as more and more ex-pats moved over to Torrevieja and its surrounds looking for a football club to adopt and follow. The committee of the Torry Army worked extremely hard in raising its and the football clubs profile and membership levels rose to 500+.

The Torry Army gained recognition from the council and became a very well known and respected organisation. The football club in the past certainly benefited greatly from its financial support of the club. It like most clubs/associations has not been without its ups and downs and fall outs but it has survived and its status and standing hasn’t changed. It has, however, in recent years, like the football clubs support base , shrunk in membership as a large number of ex-pats have returned to the U.K., some have become disillusioned with the football club and others have moved on to support other clubs.

The Torry Army would like to try and grow again and attract more members. It has a small active committee which runs the Torry Army for the benefit of its members. It arranges quiz-nights, bingo sessions, lunches, day-trips and other social activities as well as arranging a coach to CD Torrevieja away games when there is sufficient interest. It has produced and sells Torry Army branded merchandise, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hats, scarves, caps etc and football club home and away shirts. It will try and help the club financially by paying current bills e.g. cost of the team coach to an away match, whenever funds permit.

The Torry Army was formed to bring together like-minded people to support and promote their local football team CD Torrevieja and enjoy each other’s company at the social activities it organises and that has never changed and is its reason for being.

If you are not a member now please join and become a member of an “army” of very friendly and affable people.

Last Result

CD Torrevieja 1 Villena CF 2    
Sunday 4 Feb 2018

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--> Away to CF Union Deportiva Llicitana    Saturday 10 Feb 18     Time ?