About CD Torrevieja

A new football club was set up in the town in 1993, Club Deportivo Torrevieja, which started playing at the lowest level of amateur football in the Valencian Second Regional league. It achieved back to back promotions in the two ensuing seasons and in seasons 1995/96 and 1996/97 competed in the Valencian Regional Preferente and finshed 2nd and 1st in the respective seasons and was promoted at the end of the second to the lowest tier of the national leagues, the Tercera and was renamed Fútbol Club Torrevieja.

It spent two seasons in the Tercera finishing 16th and then 20th which meant relegation back to the Valencian Regional Preferente. The club then spent the next 6 seasons in the Regional Preferente but with gates gradually growing buoyed primarily by the support of ex-pats moving to the Torrevieja area and surrounds in their numbers and looking for a “live” football fix and a local team to follow.

The formation of and hard work of the Torry Army played a significant part in attracting people to follow FC Torrevieja. At the end of season 2004/05 the club gained promotion to Tercera. Gates continued to grow and in season 2006/07 FC Torrevieja reached the play-offs for promotion to Segunda B but didn’t quite make it. Support began to wane a little but despite this the club reached the play-offs again at the end of season 2008/09 but fell at the first hurdle. Since then the club have remained in Tercera.

Since the return of the club to the Tercera some nine seasons ago there have been highs and lows and some very turbulent times at the club with changes in presidency at the club but the situation appears to have been stabalised by the man currently at the helm, Senor Boix. The club has gone back to its original name CD Torrevieja by which it will now be known from the beginning of the 2014/15 season.

The club have lost a lot of its ex-pat support with many returning back to the U.K, losing interest or taking their support to other clubs but a “hardcore” have remained and are grateful to Senor Boix for ensuring the survival of the football club.

Financial times are extremely difficult and realistically the clubs main aim is to preserve its Tercera status and finish as high up the table as it can, at least in the short-term.

Tercera División Grupo 6
Preferente Grupo 4
Clasificacion Preferente Grupo 4